About Us

Movv’N is more than an ideology. It is a way of life of a community of mostly conscious, confident and visionary women who acknowledge the vital need to keep moving to keep up with life in the 21st century.

Today’s fast-paced world is characterized by lots of distractions in the virtual and physical sphere vying for our attention. This alone is enough to derail us from our objectives as we strive to juggle priorities and live a balanced life. Movv’N is here to motivate, empower and provide quick and useful tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle around the globe.

We recognize that today’s women wear several hats; mothers, boss ladies, wives, students etc. hence our focus is on those little and consistent changes you can easily implement whether you’re at home, on vacation or on a business tour. Set the pace, Envision Yourself and keep Movv’N!