Resistance bands

Stylish Butt and Thigh Sculpting Resistance Bands

4 sets of fabric Butt and Thigh Sculpting Resistance Bands.

A set of 3 fabric resistance bands of various intensities and colours
This bestseller circle band is specially engineered to provide more resistance
to tone and sculpt your butt, thighs and legs .

  • A set of 3 fabric resistance bands of various tensile strength and colours
  • Thicker and wider bands activate your glutes for a leaner, lifted and well-shaped butt
  • Multi layered cotton and polyester blend meshed with latex provide high elasticity and product durability
  • Its premium and unique stretchy technology is ideal for a variety squat exercises to slim your thighs and get the perfect butt lift.
  • Its non-grip and non-slip properties make workouts more fun and enjoyable due to little or no interruptions
  • Does not pinch your skin or tug into your legs like most regular latex bands do
  • Neither twists, slides nor rolls off during workouts
  • 3 bands of beginner (charcoal grey), intermediate(pink) and athletic(purple) for a variety of exercises and fitness levels
  • More durable than the regular latex resistance bands
  • Flexible, portable and easily fits in a purse for use away from home (office, park, vacation or sleepovers)