Waist trainer

Movv’N-Neoprene Waist Trimmer/Eraser

A pack of 4 Neoprene Waist Slimming Belts with double layers

This velvety neoprene waist cincher is designed to give you the perfect hourglass shape and help you lose belly fat

  • Top-notch neoprene fabric provides a sauna effect that accelerates excess water loss during exercise and helps you shed pounds around your midsection
  • Double adjustable stretchy belts to suit different exercise needs and provide maximum comfort
  • Durable Velcro closure sticks firmly and neither falls off nor interrupts your workout regimen
  • Sturdy, neither slips nor rolls up during workouts
  • Six steel bones provide maximum lumbar support to reduce back pain and improve body posture
  • Consistent use combined with a healthy diet provides amazing weight loss results
  • Ideal for cardio, yoga and abs workouts
  • Can be worn while performing household chores, running or daily walks
  • Can be worn under or over clothing
  • Flexible, portable and easily fits in small bags for use away from home (office, park, vacation and sleepovers)